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House/Chase ficswap
Recent Entries 
9th-Jan-2007 09:14 am - To Roman From Alexiscc2000

Title: Get a Room
Rating: PG so far
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: House/Chase

Roman.Collapse )
27th-Dec-2006 10:14 am - To Tdei Form Lucy M
Lucy M

Title: Melt
Rating: PG? R? Dunno.
Author: luc_y7
A/N: Everything I do ends up being late. –cries- And I learned, from this ficswap, that I seriously fail at all fandoms but Naruto and shall henceforth stop attempting to write others. But, uhm, hopefully you will maybe enjoy it, tdei! I hope you do, anyway. My first and likely last House fic. XD;
A/N: Written for tdei

tdei.Collapse )
24th-Dec-2006 12:45 pm - To Azilver from Slashydutchie

Title: Last Action… Doctor?! (An honorary part of the Plotbunny series written especially for Azilver)
Author: Slashydutchie
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: House/Chase
Genre: Humor, Parody, little romance… all the good stuff.

Summary: For Azilver. Chouse ficswap challenge. Since my computer died and I probably won’t see it again until after Christmas, I first tried to rewrite the fic. Failed. So here’s a new one, more insane than the first. It has Plotbunnies taking the hospital hostage and Actionhero!Chase. It also features Die Hard reverences… Yes, I tried to write three fics at the same time. This came out. ;)

Disclaimer: I only own the parts I made up unless someone else made them up first.

Spoilers: You already know who the people in the story are? Good, then nothing will be spoiled. I’m bad at spoiling… yes, you can do the happy-dance now. There will be reverences to stuff, though… but you’ll probably only notice if you’ve already seen/read it.

Azilver.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 02:16 pm - MOD: Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays everyone, however you choose to celebrate it and thank you for participating in this years Chouse_Ficswap.

Not everyone sent back their challenges so I apologise to those of you who didn’t get a fic written for them but the whole idea behind this was to get more House/Chase fics out there and that’s what we have achieved. I hope you all enjoy the stories.

We will still let the authors send in the fics if and when they finish them and in the mean time ask if anyone would like to write a fic for those who didn’t get one.
23rd-Dec-2006 03:02 pm - To Nuerin from Sagga Bott
Sagga Bott

Rating: PG-13 (Just a little bit of boy-on-boy action)
Genre: General (some humour?)
Author’s Note: I’m taking some liberties with how Chase got injured, because I can. This probably wasn’t exactly what Nuerin wanted but it’s the best I could do. This turned out to be a lot harder to write than I had expected.
Summary: When Chase gets injured on a B&E the others start to realize that there’s something going on between House and Chase.

Nuerin.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 03:02 pm - To LucyM from Azilver

Title: Manipulative Masochism
Author: Azilver
Rating: pg13, I guess...
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: House/Chase
Summary: In response to lucy_m's ficswap challenge: she wanted angst and gave these prompts of a shamed, submissive Chase and a guilty House, with “Pay your dues”.

Lucy_M.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 03:02 pm - To JE from Flynn_Boyant

Prompt: Chase always knew how to get House to do what he wanted him to do. No one was supposed to know about them, but what happens when someone finds out about their relationship? What if that someone doesn't like the control Chase has over House?
DISCLAIMER: I don't own House and I am trying to pay back my student loans so suing me will get you nowhere!
WARNINGS: Spoilers for "Merry Little Christmas" and some language. I would mention the slash but it kind of goes under the "duh" factor for this one I suppose ;)

JE.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 03:02 pm - To BlueGemEyes from Calistal

Title: What he needs
Rating: NC-17 for sexual situations
Disclaimer: If I owned it..I would have Chase locked up in my closet..
Pairing: House/Chase
Summary: Chouse Ficswap entry - He knows what he needs and he knows how to get it.
Warning: This fic contains a Dom/sub relationship. I don't claim to know anything about them other than casual knowledge I've picked up and the little bit of research I did. If Dom/sub bothers you, don't read.
Note: This fic is for bluegemeyes
Betas: polgara_5 and brokensoulwolf

Blue Gem Eyes.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 02:04 pm - To Calistal from Blue Gem Eyes
Blue Gem Eyes

Written by: onehoureternity
For: calistal
Rating: M {better safe than sorry}

Calistal.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 02:03 pm - To Hi_Falootin from Sasskitten
Title: Body Heat
Author: sasskitten
Rating: R
Fandom: House M.D
Pairing: House/Chase
Summary: House and the team are in Hawaii for a medical conference but things don’t go as they had expected.
Disclaimer: I do not own House or his cane. I make no money from this, it is just for fun.
A/N: For hi_falootin for the 2006 Chouse Fic Swap. She asked, “Send the team to some sort of medical conference at an interesting location. Have them discover a patient/case there in an unexpected place.”
A/N2: Never in my life have I spent so much time researching something for a fic than I did with this one. It was a case of finding the perfect disease.

Hi_Falootin.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 02:02 pm - To Sasskitten from Hi_Falootin

For: Sasskitten
Title: Possible Causes
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Chase drops in on House after the shooting. No reason, really...

Sasskitten.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 02:01 pm - To Slashydutchie from Roman

Title: At the Patient's
Author: Roman
Rating: PG-13 (my very first)
Word Count: 1170
A/N: Unfortunately, I couldn't find the time to devote myself to this fic as much as I wished -- thus, what started out as a romantic parody turned out to be a mix of parody, crack!fic and bad!fic. I hope it's not too disappointing.
For: Slashydutchie

Slashydutchie.Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2006 02:00 pm - To Smoke Baby From JE

Title: Trust
Rating: pg13, I guess...
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: House/Chase
A/N: Challenge: For Smoke Baby. Set sometime after the Vogler story line, House demands that Chase shows him just how far he'll go to regain his boss's trust.

Smoke Baby.Collapse )
15th-Dec-2006 07:46 pm - DEADLINE
I'm not sure if we posted the date already, but we'd really like it if you'd sent in the completed fic by the 20th so that we can post it in a timely fashion for all to enjoy.
24th-Nov-2006 01:47 pm - IMPORTANT
There seems to have been a slight mistake with sending out the challenges. sasskitten and I checked that every participant got a challenge he/she wanted to write and that didn't contain anything they're uncomfortable with.

We made a table with the challenger and the writer. I don't know about anybody else, but the challenge I was send is from the person who was supposed to write mine, meaning at least in my case it was sent the other way around. I'm taking a guess and say that this goes for everybody.

I won't send out the challenges in the correct form this time if nobody complains about the challenge they got (meaning that they feel comfortable writing it) since at least half of the participants got their challenge.

Since I'm not sure if the mix up went for everybody or only a few people (as some got their challenges late due to no email address being available), I'd ask you to send me a message and tell me your name and which challenge you got to verify it with the table of challenger/writer.

A clearer explanation: sasskitten and I decided to pair the challenges up as Challenge - Writer and they were sent out using the same table with Writer - Challenge and we didn't check for incompatibles in that direction. I hope that everything still fits though.

Also... would those that didn't reply to the other thread do so? Just so I know that everybody got their challenge. It'd be sad if not everybody got a story in return to them writing one. You can do so at the other thread or here or you can send me an email.

My contact details:
Email: yessina@gmx.net (please write ficswap somewhere in the subject)
Yahoo!Messenger: immortalje

I'm online most of the time so should get back to you relativly quickly. Only exception being when I'm asleep. For comparison: I live in Germany. You should be able to calculate the time difference if necessary.

List of participants
(bold: don't know if they got their challenge
*: Know they have their challenge
**: know which challenge they have and that they don't have problem with it)

**Blue Gem Eyes
**Sagga Bott
**Slashy Dutchie
22nd-Nov-2006 12:20 pm - MOD: Eeek
This morning my computer completely gave out for reasons unknown. I have lost everything and I need to get it fixed.
I'm sorry to be a bother but could those of you who have already recieved your challanged comment here and let us know and those who haven't still haven't given me their email address.
Sorry again and thanks for cooperating.
21st-Nov-2006 12:39 pm - MOD: Request
Could the following people please email me with their email addresses as they either weren't on their profile or the names they have given me are different to their /lj names.
Thank you.

Slashy Dutchie
15th-Nov-2006 12:59 pm - MOD: Names
Here is a list of people who have signed up for the Chouse Fic Swap so far.


Blue Gem Eyes
Sagga Bott
Slashy Dutchie

15 so far. Only two days left to aply.
1st-Nov-2006 03:39 pm - Encouraging interested people...
Please sign up... the more people join in the merrier it'll be.

Also... if you have questions you can ask them here. sasskitten or I will answer them. Otherwise you can contact either one of us and we'll answer. We generall don't bite.
26th-Oct-2006 01:35 pm - Form
Here's the form you should use when submitting your challenge. Please use it as it'll make things easier for us to sort out who's writing what.


The fic you want written for you

Provide a brief synopsis of the kind of fic you would like written for you:

What genre would you like it to be?

Any particular rating?

The fic you will write

What are you comfortable with writing?

Are there any genres you refuse to write?

Are there any ratings you refuse to write?
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